Kiosk solutions

Self-service solutions for improved customer service

Kiosk Solutions

We understand how important it is to have a fully functional ATM in your dispensary every day, from day one.

Preparation and Installation

The ATM Guy offers hassle-free ATM placement services. Before we schedule installation for your ATM, we’ll book a brief qualification call to learn more about your operation, traffic levels, and average weekly cash needs. This allows us to know which ATM type best suits your business, and how to support you moving forward. 

Live Monitoring

In order to provide a consistent cash flow, our staff monitors each ATM every day tracking the average daily usage.  This allows us to accurately forecast time between servicing the machine, keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Dispensary Self-Order Kiosks

The best way to connect with your customers. 

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food ordering

The food service kiosk is the most rapidly growing self-service market, and this growth is set to continue.

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Custom kiosk

Our custom interactive kiosks are powerful tools to connect your brand to your customers. 

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