Kiosk solutions

During these unprecedented times, our company has created a way to illuminate human contact & facilitate a way to increase sales. Germaphobes & Introverts alike gravitate to our new SELF SERVICE KIOSK

Dispensary Self-Order Kiosks

Cannabis dispensary self-service kiosks deliver an interactive experience that offer expediency and order process efficiency

Quick Service Ordering

Restaurant kiosk ordering interfaces are designed to facilitate up-sell and transform repetitive order processes into a seamless and more profitable flow.

Event Self-Service Kiosk

Our Kiosks brings convenience of touchscreen technology to the attendees’ fingertips. Whether they are looking for information about keynote speakers, event descriptions, times and locations, social events or finding their way around, Event and Conference Self-Service Kiosks by Qwick Media enable the users to quickly find information needed, share, or print it.

For Rent & sale

Self-service kiosks are unique because they benefit both the consumer and retailer. These benefits are quite substantial, enabling consumers to gain control over their own purchasing by providing them with a myriad of options that allow them to customize their orders fitting their personal needs.

Increases Revenue

Reduces Staffing Costs

Shortens Wait Times

Provides Customer Privacy

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