Planning an event? The ATM Guy can provide mobile ATMs to any location – and we can furnish as many terminals and as much cash as needed to comfortably facilitate any size event. Whether it’s a festival, fair, swap meet, show, concert, outdoor market, or seasonal event, we can make your event more successful.

Looking for a no-cost way to boost sales and walk-in traffic at your business location? The ATM Guy currently provides free permanent placement services to hundreds of businesses in the LA-metro area. We can deliver, install, and program an ATM at no cost to you – and have a free ATM up and running in your business or venue within 48 hours.

Our ATM service includes free 24/7 support and free maintenance. We monitor ATMs remotely and maintain the fleet regularly, and we keep ATMs stocked with cash for your customers’ convenience. BTW 80% of the money dispensed by ATMs is spent at the hosting location.