The ATM Guy is able to provide ATM service to any location in need of a money machine. Delivery, installation, programming, regular maintenance, and upkeep are all FREE OF CHARGE! We will work with you to select the best spot within your premises to position the terminal(s). We stock a number of models and styles of machines, so we can select the right ATM for your location. Floor models occupy only about four square feet of area, and we have wall-mount units where floor space is at a premium.

Requirements from you are:
• Secured location with high visibility
• Electricity (120 VAC, 3.5 Amps)
• Internet or phone line

• No Cost ATM Placements with Profit Sharing – The ATM Guy Turnkey solution.
• Implementation & Placement is done by “The ATM Guy” to ensure quality service
• Profit Sharing is implemented based upon the number of transactions and is a percentage of surcharge revenue
• Online real-time transaction stats available for you, and provides insight to business operations
• ATM Signage to ensure high visibility to the customer.